Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update and Then Some

Not much cooking here so the update will be short and sweet.

On the Joint Replacement - I'm doing okay.  Not great at this point.  The knee is healing but there is still lots of work to do and tons more physical therapy.  More on that in a later blog.  Overall, I can get around but I still have lots of stiffness and pain.  I am trying to wean myself off the pain meds so am not really someone fun to be with at this point.  Yep, there are moments when I ask myself why I did the surgery but I know the answer - I opted for short term pain in lieu of long term pain & disability.  My husband says I traded "intensity" in terms of pain for "duration" in terms of time to heal.  So I traded lifelong pain for short term surgery and pain that was much more intense.  But I am healing and looking forward to less pain and more movement in the next few weeks.  Do wish me luck and keep me in your prayers.

On the hummingbird wars out back:  Well, I think the female (Little Bit) won for the time being.  She seems to be the only hummer feeding at the feeder.  While I wish there were more hummingbirds coming to the feeder, I am happy to have the little sweetie stopping by for a drink of sugar water now and then.  My dear husband has been keeping the feeder full while I recuperate from surgery....along with keeping all the other bird feeders full.  What would I do without him?  I do not know and do not want to find out.

Til next blog - happy trails and see you later.

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